About My Bill

There’s a Lot of Important Information on Your Bill and We Want to Help You Understand It.

Your E.L.K. Energy bill summarizes your energy charges that have accrued during the current billing period. 

The back-top portion contains definitions of the terms used on the bill.

Understanding all the important information contained on your bill enables you to better understand your energy consumption patterns, what it costs and how you can reduce usage to lower your bill.

ELK bill
1. Account Number

Your account number is listed at the top of your bill and is directly tied to the property. The occupant number at the end is what differentiates your account from a previous owner/tenant. Your account number is another item that you will need to enter when registering for MyAccount for the first time. If you are contacting our customer service representatives, you will need to have this number on hand.

Account number on bill
2. Name

This will show as the first name that is on the account. There may be more than one name on the account that will be shown in the mailing address listed in section 9. 

Name on bill
3. Service Address

The service address is the address in which the account is billed for. This can be different from the mailing address. 

Service Address on bill
4. Billing Summary

Your My Billing Summary displays any previous balance owed, payments that were made, adjustments made by customer service representatives, interest on late payments, the balance forwards as of the bill date, your current charges and the total amount that is required by the due date. 

For electricity you will see your electricity, delivery and regulatory charges each month. 

Other Charges will show the HST that was charged on your bill. 

Ontario Electricity Rebate that is automatically applied to your bill every month. 

The current charges summarizes the totals above with the Total Amount Due being everything current and previous that is owed. 

Billing Summary on bill
5. Charges

Your Electricity Charge Breakdown section breaks down the charges that you incurred during the month. 

Charges on bill
6. Usage History

Your How much Electricity did I use? section summarizes your usage over the last 12 months. 

Usage History on bill
7. Bill Summary

The Bill Summary summarizes all of the details on the bill into a quick and easy section to determine the amount due, the due date. 

Bill Summary on bill
8. Remittance Stub

The Remittance Stub can be provided back to us if you make cheque payments. The stub also summarizes the main details of the bill. 

Remittance Stub attached on bill
9. Mailing Information

The Mailing Information shows all of the names that are listed on the account as well as the mailing address in which the bill is being mailed to every month (if you're not on paperless billing). 

Mailing Address on bill