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2023 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application

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Archived Applications

OEB Case NumberApplication Description
EB-2023-0078Decision and Order - Application for an Electricity Distribution License Renewal 
EB-2021-0016Decision and Rate Order - Tariff of Rates and Charges effective May 1, 2022
and implemented July 1, 2022
EB-2022-0078Assurance of Voluntary Compliance
EB-2020-00142021 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application 
EB-2019-00292020 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2018-00272019 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2017-0376Electricity Distribution Service Area Amendment Application
EB-2017-0240Application for Electricity Distribution Licence Amendment
EB-2017-00362018 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2016-0155Electricity Distribution Service Area Amendment Application
EB-2016-00662017 Rebasing Application
EB-2015-0184Electricity Distribution Service Area Amendment Application
EB-2015-00642016 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2014-0242Electricity Distribution Service Area Amendment Application
EB-2014-00672015 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2014-0035Electricity Distribution Service Area Amendment Application
EB-2013-01232014 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2011-00992012 Rebasing Application
EB-2010-01262011 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2009-01972010 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2009-0148Application for a Licence Amendment
EB-2008-01702009 Incentive Rate Mechanism Rate Application
EB-2007-08402008 Electricity Distribution Rate Application
EB-2007-05212007 Electricity Distribution Rate Application
EB-2006-0332Application for a Licence Amendment
EB-2006-0038Application for a Licence Amendment
EB-2005-03582006 Electricity Distribution Rate Application
EB-2004-0555Pre-Approval Conservation and Demand Management Plan
EB-2004-0026Order Approving or Fixing Just and Reasonable Rates
EB-2003-0015Electricity Distribution Licence

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Ontario's System-Wide Electricity Supply Mix: 2022 Data

Electricity SourcesOntario's Electricity Mix*
Nuclear Energy51.0%
Water Power25.1%
Natural Gas*10.2%
Solar PV2.5%

* Includes Lennox and dual fuel (natural gas/bioenergy) and non-contracted emitting generation consistent with IESO.
** Other represents a variety of non-contracted fuel types that the IESO is unable to categorize due to a lack of information from Local Distribution Companies (LDCs).


1.  Figures may not add to 100% due to rounding.

2.  Figures do not account for the sale and retirement of Clean Energy Credits (CECs).

This data is supplied from the Ontario Electricity Board every year. The data can be viewed on their website here.