About Us


E.L.K. Energy  is a Local Distribution Company that services the communities of Belle River, Comber, Cottam, Essex, Harrow and Kingsville in Ontario, Canada. With a peak load of 65 megawatts, we deliver a safe, reliable and efficient supply of electricity to over 12,600 customers from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, through over 168 kilometres of overhead and underground cables, spanning 23 square kilometres of service territory. E.L.K. Energy is  wholly-owned by the Corporation of the Town of Essex. We operate much like a private entity under the Ontario Business Corporations Act.


E.L.K.'s mission statement is to provide the highest quality of service to our customers by ensuring that the electrical system is designed, constructed and maintained to ensure its reliability, safety and affordability while increasing shareholder value. 


E.L.K.'s objectives are defined as: 

  • Provide a safe and reliable electricity distribution system with the capacity to meet the expectations of our customers and support local economic growth. 
  • Promote and practice excellence in safety. 
  • Provide quality customer support and encourage customer feedback in order to improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Establish the lowest retail rates possible without compromising the financial integrity of the Corporation in compliance to our Shareholder's direction. 
Facts & Figures

Electricity Assets are valued at - 2020 $28,000,000

Distributed kWh - 245,634,676

Overhead circuit - 89 km

Underground circuit - 79 km 

E.L.K. Energy Inc. serves over 12,500 electricity customers and over 3,000 water only customers.